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We employ experienced management and highly qualified professional operators who work together and have developed a unique understanding of the time sensitive construction industry. The Winslow Crane Service Co. team has integrated this experience and knowledge into a consistent ability to successfully accomplish even the most complex lift. This understanding is apparent in the quality and pride of every lift we perform. And it's this difference that sets Winslow Crane Service Co. apart in the thousands of projects we have completed throughout the Rocky Mountain region since 1953.
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We serve Colorado and the western United States with a variety of lifting and moving services. We have cranes from 30 ton to 450 ton, boom and jib combination lengths up to 442 feet and state of the art load monitoring systems. Winslow Crane Service Co. stands above the crowd with a crane fleet that can quickly fill any of your construction or moving needs.

Winslow Crane Service CO/ML Holdings Company Crane Group announced that is has acquired Girardi’s Crane & Rigging, a premier crane services company in Grand Junction, CO. The acquisition will better serve the crane service needs of the Western Rocky Mountain Region.
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